• Quatra™ 12,000-lb. Capacity, Scissors Lift
    • 10,000-lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift
    • 6,000-lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift
    • 6,000-lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Portable
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Pit-Style
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Pit-Style, Flush Mount
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Mid-Rise, Frame Lift, Portable
    • 7,000-lb. Capacity, Scissors, Frame Engaging
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Open Center, Mid-Rise Car Lift
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Flush Mount, Mid-Rise Lift

    BendPak has been one of the most trusted names in car lifts and general automotive service equipment for over 40 years. We offer an incredible selection of high-quality vehicle lift products to suit the needs of any thriving commercial garage or dedicated hobbyist. Some of our most popular lifting equipment include: Scissor lifts and a large variety of Mid-rise and Low-rise lifts to accommodate even the most unique lifting task. All BendPak car lifts are backed by decades of engineering experience and innovation, as well as a friendly and knowledgeable team of support specialists to ensure your scissor lift or garage equipment keeps running smoothly.

    Capacity Lowered
    Quatra XR-12000 True-Vertical Pantograph Lift 12,000-lbs. 11-1/4" 74"
    LR-5T Super-Duty Low Rise Pad Lift
    23" 32"
    LR-60 Low-Rise Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    LR-60P Portable Low-Rise Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    P-6B Pit Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    P-6FB Flush-Mount Pit Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift
    6,000-lbs. 5" 48"
    MDS-6K Open-Center-Mid-Rise Lift 6,000-lbs.   4.25"  44"
    MDS-6KF Flush Mount, Mid-Rise Car Lift 6,000-lbs.   4.25" 44" 
    SP-7X Scissor Lift
    7,000-lbs. 5" 68"

    Our low-rise scissor lifts and mid-rise scissor lifts are perfect for dedicated auto-enthusiasts and service professionals looking to expand their capabilities. These superior designs are simple, safe, rugged and engineered to save you space. If you're looking for lifting power on the go, consider these car lift models: the LR-60P Portable Low-Rise Lift and the MD-6XP Portable Mid-Rise Lift.

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