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Wouldn't it be nice if you could get all of your garage essentials from a name you could trust? Now you can. Ranger's wide-array of multi-purpose floor jacks, tool storage, work benches and hoists/lifts just keeps getting larger and more diverse.

  • Floor Jacks

    Floor Jacks

    Ranger's wide-array of multi-purpose floor jacks just keeps getting larger and more diverse. Our current line of floor jacks has maximum capacities ranging from 2,000 to 55,000 lbs. and come in a variety of styles like quick-pump and low-profile. But no matter which one you choose, Ranger floor jacks always offer incredible lifting power and top notch construction that you can count on to never let you down.

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  • Tool Storage

    Tool Storage

    Ranger toolboxes are some of the best tool storage solutions you'll find anywhere. Renowned for spacious drawers, sturdy construction and eye-catching finish, our extensive line of Ranger toolboxes are designed to be the pride your garage. With so many designs and styles to choose, there's no tool storage dilemma these rugged organization centers can't solve.

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  • Work Benches

    Work Benches

    Give your garage projects the dedicated work area that they deserve. Ranger's heavy-gauge steel workbenches feature high weight capacities, large table top dimensions and an attractive yet durable powder coated finish. These top-of-the-line work benches offer exactly the kind of first-rate quality that you've come to expect from the Ranger Products brand.

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  • Motorcycle Lifts

    Motorcycle Lifts

    Long-known for our excellent BendPak car lifts, it was only a matter of time before we applied our automotive lifting know-how to smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs. Ranger is very proud to offer this impressive line of sleek, powerful and full-featured motorcycle lifts, designed to be a perfect fit for both high-volume professional garages and dedicated hobbyist workshops.

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  • Transmission Jacks

    Transmission Jacks

    Major vehicle components require major transmission jacks. Fortunately, Ranger transmission jacks are the best-in-class option for every application. Features include overload safety systems, adjustable saddles, several pumping options, durable steel construction, heavy-duty chain anchors and alloy-plated rams, making Ranger transmission jacks perfectly suited to hold and roll even the bulkiest transmissions.

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  • Oil Drains

    Oil Drains

    Protect your garage against potentially harmful waste fluids with Ranger rolling oil drains. Our adjustable-height rolling drains feature extra-wide bases for added stability and greater fluid capacities, high-quality ball bearing casters for smooth movement and best-in-class materials to resist rust, dents and other damage. Choose from 8, 15, 18 and 20 gallon models.

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  • Jack Stands

    Jack Stands

    Ranger jack stands provide a solid foundation that you can feel confident about. Welded steel construction, ratchet & pin safety mechanisms and a wide range of capacities make our jack stands an excellent choice for any garage project. Ranger also offers a comprehensive line of adaptable high-reach jack stands, perfect for stabilizing a vehicle raised on a car lift.

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  • Oil Filter Crushers

    Oil Filter Crushers

    Any busy shop or garage is likely to find itself nearly buried in cans and oil filters every year. Due to government mandates, proper disposal methods are extremely limited. Ranger oil filter crushers are here to expand your horizons and save you money at the same time. Our heavy-duty Ranger oil filter crushers quickly reduce stubborn cans and oil filters to at least 25% of their original size, keeping your shop clean, compliant and profitable.

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  • Shop Presses

    Shop Presses

    Make sure that your garage has the power and versatility that only a Ranger hydraulic shop press can provide. Ranger shop presses easily perform crushing, bending, straightening, shaping, pressing, lifting, spreading, pushing and pulling jobs with up to 20 tons of staggering hydraulic pressure. Ideal for the removal and installation of gears, bushings and bearings, Ranger shop presses are designed to suit the needs of both commercial and residential garages.

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  • Hose Reels

    Hose Reels

    Ranger's high-capacity hose and reel combination systems work expertly and safely to deliver air, water and oil to your specific automotive project. When used in conjunction with our self-reeling spring-drive mechanisms, Ranger industrial-strength hoses unroll smoothly and then wrap themselves back up when they are no longer needed. A Ranger hose reel is a perfect example of the strength, reliability and clever innovations that have come to be the hallmarks of the Ranger Products brand name shop equipment.

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BendPak changed the landscape of the entire industry with the introduction of Ranger Products in 1997. Instead of offering just a handful of specialized equipment, our ongoing mission is to completely serve and satisfy every automotive market. That's why we manufacture a tremendous array of advanced service products including floor jacks, transmission jacks, cranes and stands; work benches and tool storage solutions; spray wash cabinets; small material benders, hose reels and oil drains; shop presses and crushers; motorcycle / ATV lifts and much, much more. If you aren't familiar with Ranger's extensive suite of products, we encourage you to have a look around. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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