The Complete Wheel Service Solution
Change, repair, balance, align and lathe—Ranger does it all.

Ranger has all the tools you need to keep your garage well equipped. Our extensive wheel service lineup includes advanced tyre changers, easy-to-use wheel balancers, essential wheel aligners, precise brake lathes and valuable tyre repair products to keep your clients rolling forward and coming back for more. Whether you’re starting a new business or just rounding out your shop’s wheel service capabilities, Ranger has the best garage equipment to fit any budget.


  • Tyre Changers

    Tyre Changers

    Ranger tyre machines have become the new gold standard in the automotive service industry. More features, better capabilities and a name you trust, all for much less than you think. Shops and garages everywhere are switching to Ranger for their wheel repair needs. See for yourself how simple and profitable tyre changing can be with Ranger tyre changers.

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  • Tyre Repair

    Tyre Repair

    With requests for tyre repair work on the rise like never before, you need reliable tyre repair equipment that will stand up to even the longest days of labor. Ranger offers a solid line of essential tyre repair products such as tyre vulcanizers, dunk tanks and spreaders. Now with Ranger’s tyre repair equipment, you can quickly discover the location of the damage, fix it and move on.

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  • Wheel Balancers

    Wheel Balancers

    Any seasoned automotive professional can tell you there's a dramatic difference between a disgruntled come-back and a pleased repeat customer. Wheel balancers by Ranger are that difference. The full impact of truly accurate wheel balance work on vehicle performance and customer satisfaction can never be overstated. Make sure that you are giving your customers the very best. Give them wheel balance perfection by Ranger.

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  • Wheel Aligners

    Wheel Aligners

    Few pieces of automotive equipment can improve your shop or garage like a Ranger CRT wireless wheel aligner. Our advanced wheel alignment system is comprised of 8-CCD cameras, infrared light sources, precision weights and a powerful software suite, all seamlessly integrated into our total wheel alignment solution. Complicated calculations and measurements are transformed into easy step-by-step operator instructions for consistently accurate wheel alignment.

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  • Brake Lathes

    Brake Lathes

    If your clients ever have to slam on their brakes, they'll be glad you use Ranger brake lathes. With Ranger innovations like infinitely adjustable feed rates, independent DC servo motors, cross feed stops and convenient quick-change tool heads, Ranger combination brake lathes deliver the quality finish that keep customers bringing brake work to your door.

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  • Wheel Service Accessories

    Wheel Service Accessories

    Ranger offers a full line of tire changer accessories for all their wheel service equipment including motorcycle adapters and truck adapters for tyre machines, mounting heads, wheel shaft kit and versa-clamp adapters.

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At Ranger Products, we're perpetually adding new products worthy of the Ranger brand and improving on existing designs. Ranger is truly your single-source for reliable, quality garage equipment. Our staggering selection of tyre changing equipment, wheel balancing equipment, general wheel service equipment and tyre equipment makes it easy to find what you need all in one place. Don’t waste your time with the other guys—get it done right the first time with Ranger wheel service products.

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