RFJ-5000HD 2-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty “Low Rider” Garage Floor Jack
Ranger RFJ-5000HD floor jack with a 2.5 ton capacity
The Ranger RFJ-5000HD Floor Jack with a 2.5 ton capacity with durable steel construction is perfect for heavy duty work in any garage. This floor jack reaches full height in just seconds.

    The RFJ-5000HD 2-1/2-Ton Super Duty Garage Floor Jack is a true heavy lifter. With a 2.5 ton lifting capacity, durable heavy steel construction, emergency overload system for safety and simple twist control for adjustable lowering is ideal for any car shop.

    • Swivel casters for easy mobility
    • Simple twist control for adjustable lowering
    • Professional model designed for heavy use
    • Universal-joint, pressure release system
    • Roller-cam, dual plunger pump assembly
    • Heavy steel construction for maximum durability
    • Double-sealed hydraulics for longer service life
    • Sealed hydraulic unit prevents contamination
    • Safety overload system
    • Flanged side plates for increased strength

    • Lifting capacity: 5,000 lbs. / 2,268 kg
    • Lowered pad height: 3" / 76 mm
    • Raised height: 20" / 508 mm
    • Front overall width: 10-1/2" / 267 mm
    • Rear overall width: 14" / 356 mm
    • Shipping weight: 74 lbs. / 34 kg
    Ranger RFJ-5000HD floor jack with a 2.5 ton capacity
    Ranger RFJ-5000HD floor jack with a 2.5 ton capacity

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    What customers are saying about our Floor Jacks by Ranger Products

    "It may look like the Harbor Freight jack but there are differences. They are completely different jacks. The BendPak jack is a rapid pump type jack requiring 4 pumps for full height. The HF takes 13 pumps. Raised height: BP 17.75" HF 14.75". Length: BP 24" HF 20.5". And you know an extra 3.5" of length makes all the difference in the world! Weight BP 39' HF 24'."

    - RGsedona on YouTube

    "I bought this one. Arrived quickly and the thing is almost shockingly well finished. Made in China. Ranger is a division of Bend Pak, who makes lifts, so I have some trust of their product. It's not a cheapie, but not the most expensive either, and I've seen how crudely some cheap ones are made. They also make other models that aren't aluminum, and higher capacity. But this one is low-profile and lighter. The handle is 2 pieces that snap lock together. The rubber pad for lifting is decently sized."

    - Kenn on bimmerforums.com

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    Quick Specs

    Lift capacity: 5,000 lbs.
    Lowered height: 3"
    Raised height: 20"
    Front Width: 10-1/2"
    Rear Width 14"
    Shipping weight: 74 lbs.
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