• 2-Drawer Heavy-Duty Work Bench
    • 2-Shelf Heavy-Duty Work Bench
    • Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench With Fluid Catch

    Work Benches

    Without question, for your projects to get completed on time and to your satisfaction, you require a dedicated work area. So Ranger developed a line of large, heavy-gauge steel workbenches, specifically designed to handle the physical rigors of being in a busy garage or shop. We currently offer three sizes and styles to suit your needs and space restraints.

     Model Configuration Height Width Depth
     RWB-2D 2-drawers, 1-shelf 34-1/2" 59" 25-1/4"
     RWB-2S 2-shelves 34-1/2" 79" 25-1/4"
     RWB-1TD 1-drawer, 1-shelf, fluid drain 34-1/2" 79" 25-1/4"

    The RWB-2S Workbench features a 14 sq ft bench top and two long shelves for storage, while the slightly smaller RWB-2D Workbench employs a 12 sq ft table top, two high-quality locking drawers and a single storage shelf. However, if you're looking for maximum versatility and efficiency, look no further than the 500-lb. working capacity RWB-1TD Combination Workbench, teardown table and storage facility. The RWB-1TD Combination Workbench also offers over 9 square feet of table top, a removable fluid container, one lockable drawer and a height-adjustable shelf.

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