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Out of literally hundreds of national BendPak / Ranger distributors, we have presented you with the distributor that we believe is best equipped to offer you superior service at the lowest price. Location is only one part of our dealer recommendation process. Whereas other manufacturers might merely let you know who the nearest dealer is, BendPak is committed to providing you with the best. Furthermore, if the dealer is out-of-state, you may benefit through out-of-state-purchase tax incentives

At BendPak, our recommendation strategy is to provide you with a Platinum dealer that is eager to make your upcoming purchasing experience a pleasant one. Our Platinum dealers are proven BendPak / Ranger experts and are able to knowledgeably answer all of your questions or concerns by drawing on a pool of insight that can only come from years of training and dedication. Aside from being the best-in-class, our Platinum dealers exhibit a high degree of professionalism and continually upgrade their skills, which is why they get first priority for technical service and factory support.

Whether you purchase locally or through a national dealer, your product will usually arrive within 10 business days. Should you have any concerns about the delivery of our products, we invite you to visit the FAQ section found on our website.

If you would like to obtain a listing of local service centers, please provide us with your zip code. Or, if for any reason you would prefer to be referred to another distributor, please do not hesitate to contact us with your preferences.

At BendPak, we believe that value is more than just price. That’s why we also offer outstanding after-sales support, service and warranties. Our strategically-located, fully-equipped national service depots are staffed round-the-clock with qualified technicians that are on-call and ready to fulfill warranty and service contracts at a moment’s notice. We urge you to read about our Certified Service™ Program to learn more.


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