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5,443-kg. Capacity / Quatra™ Pantograph Scissors Lift / Standard Runways

The Quatra™ specialty lift offers 5,443-kg. of vertical lifting power. This amazing design permits easy, unobstructed access from the front, back and sides. Its post-free structure utilizes quad-opposing scissor car lift design. There's virtually zero radial shift, so it fits well crowded spaces.

XR-12000 Quatra Scissors Alignment Lift by BendPak
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The Quatra™ XR-12000 Scissor Lift

BendPak's Quatra is one of those once-in-a-generation shop lifts that saves space and increases lift capacity. For such a compact size, it’s amazing that it breezily achieves 5,443-kg. of lift.

Reliable balance and mechanical locking

The Quatra features zero radial shift, which is basically unheard of for a car ​lift that raises vehicles up to 5,443-kg. Whereas parallelogram lift need at least a little extra floor space to accommodate their lateral shift, the Quatra goes straight up-and-down. Additionally, the XR-12000 is equipped with an intelligent hydraulic regulating manifold. This device has four, two-position ball valves that create a balance of hydraulic pressure between the master and slave cylinders. This mission-critical system guarantees a level rise and descent at all times. Not only that, each ball valve is part of a mechanical lock system that lets you leave the Quatra raised indefinitely. The manifold valve assembly is found right on the power console. It also features a cover that can be removed for maintenance and other adjustments.

One-of-a-kind design

The Quatra benefits from an ergonomic design that helps operators raise and lower quickly and safely. The increase in productivity is obvious from the first time you lift a vehicle. The ability to get underneath a raised lift from any angle is unique for a scissor lift (although the Quatra is not a true scissor lift). The lift rises and descends rapidly to your preferred height with just the push of a button.

It’s all in the approach

When it comes to positioning vehicles on a car ​lift, there is no other model on the market that makes it easier. The approach ramps have a wide range of extension, from ​1,422 mm all the way up to an incredible 2,007 mm. Extend them in just seconds flat. These ramps are favorites of our customers, especially when there isn’t much space to work with but a lot of work to get done. In short, the Quatra series ​lift by BendPak is the solution for customers who want one of the industry’s most versatile and comprehensive car ​lift models.

Optional equipment

Optional 6,000-lb. capacity rolling jacks (model ​RBJ6000) make a great addition to increase service capacity. Each jack has telescoping arms and frame contact pads that can be extended over the runways and positioned under vehicle lifting points. Each jack features three safety‐lock positions and stackable truck and van adapters for increased lifting height and better access to frame contact points on high ground‐clearance vehicles. The jacks come equipped with a commercial grade air‐hydraulic pump requiring a maximum pressure of 125 psi and 10‐20 CFM.

An integrated rolling bridge airline kit is available that installs neatly within the runway to create a more tidy hose-routing solution for single or dual jack purpose.


  • ​5,443-kg. lifting capacity
  • Durable powder-coat finish that can withstand harsh environments and chemical spills and will provide years of protection
  • Extendable, hinged, collapsible, and stowable approach ramps
  • Multi‐position runway work steps
  • Non‐skid runways provide sure grip for vehicles and technicians
  • Dependable electric/hydraulic power system
  • Cylinders feature integrated velocity fuses to control sudden descent
  • Power console features simple operator controls
  • Open front design with clear center, sides and rear
  • Multi‐position automatic leveling system
  • Quad automatic safety locks with pneumatic push‐button release
  • Collapsible front tire stops clear for low vehicle skirts
  • Lubricated‐for‐life bearings on all pivot points
  • Rugged steel legs and formed steel runways
  • Turned, ground, polished and hardened zinc plated axle pins
  • Grease nipples on all moving pins and bearings
  • High efficiency hydraulic power unit provides faster raising and descent times
  • Easy access to hydraulic-electrical components for simple routine servicing
  • Easy to use and understand operator controls
  • Power unit console with easy access front panel
  • Can be surface or flush-mounted


XR-12000 specs diagram
Lifting capacity:
5,443 kg (12,000 lbs.)
A - Min. Runway Height:
298 mm (11.75”)
B - Max. Lifting Height:
1,910 mm (75")
C - Overall Width:
2,184 mm (88")
D - Length / Ramps Extended:
7,029 mm (276.75")
D - Length / Ramps Collapsed:
6,547 mm (257.75")
D - Length / Ramps Stowed:
5,715 mm (225")
E - Runway Width:
610 mm (24")
F - Width Between Runways:
1,028 mm (40")
G - Length of Runways:
4,902 mm (193")
H - General Service Wheelbase:
4,458 mm (175.5")
Min. Wheelbase @ Capacity:
3,429 mm (135")
Min. Wheelbase @ 75% Capacity:
3,048 mm (120")
Min. Wheelbase @ 50% Capacity:
2,540 mm (100")
Min. Wheelbase @ 25% Capacity:
2,032 mm (80")
Locking Positions:
Standard Motor:
220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph