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A Car Lift for Every Shop or Home Garage

When you put a BendPak in your shop, you'll recognize the difference immediately. Our automotive lift offerings include two-post lifts, four-post lifts, parking lifts, alignment car lifts and mobile column lifts. And at BendPak, we take care of the little things in order to make sure our lifts are simply the best in the world. A BendPak car lift boasts thicker columns, wider base plates, longer runways and better-gripping rise platforms than our competition. That takes care of your lift's structure, but just as important are the lifting components. Our aircraft-quality wire ​cables, sheaves and axles are often over-engineered to withstand 600 – 800% ​more than the lift's rated weight capacity. Each automotive lift comes standard with built-in safety devices and more accessories and adapter kits ensure your machines run longer with minimal operator maintenance.

​Every BendPak car lift is ​made for professionals, so home users can trust they're lifting with the Benchmark of Quality.™

Best Car lift Guide

  • BendPak's Two-Post Car Lifts

    Two-Post Lifts

    The preferred lifts for service professionals worldwide. BendPak models service up to 8,165 kg.

    Two-Post Lifts
  • BendPak's Four-Post Lifts

    Four-Post Lifts

    Space-saving, easy to use, ideal for low ceilings. Perfect for vehicle storage. Capacities up to 18,144 kg.

    Four-Post Lifts
  • BendPak's Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts

    Mid-Rise Lifts

    These popular and portable models offer incredible power, versatility and a minimal footprint.

    Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts

Car Lift Facts Study Guide

Finding the right lift can be hard, so we put together this easy-to-follow guide. See for yourself how BendPak hoists compare to other brands.

A Study in Lift Design

Essential Wheel Service & Shop Equipment

Ranger Products works alongside BendPak to make the best wheel service equipment, air compressors, pipe benders and shop equipment in the industry. Our tire changers rapidly and safely remove and help you replace tires, while our wheel balancers will get your wheels weighted correctly in seconds. Ranger's digital wheel aligner is truly a thing of beauty, offering easy-to-read displays that tell you exactly where and how to adjust the wheel position. Need an oil filter crusher to apply 50,000 lbs. of force and drain 95% of residual oil? Check. Massive industrial parts washers? Check. And what about super-efficient air compressors and powerful automatic pipe benders? Check and check.

Keep it simple. BendPak / Ranger is a single-source provider for all your premium automotive service equipment needs.

  • Ranger Products' Wheel Service Equipment

    Wheel Service

    Ranger Products offers the full suite of wheel service capabilities. Change tyres, balance wheels and keep clients rolling!

    Wheel Service
  • BendPak V-Max Air Compressors

    Air Compressors

    Our robust selection of air compressors is just what you need to stay up and running at all times.

    Air Compressors
  • Ranger Products Shop Equipment

    Shop Equipment

    Make Ranger Products your single-source provider for all premium automotive shop equipment.

    Shop Equipment