The following trade and industry events will be attended by BendPak and/or its affiliate brands: QuickJack™, LLC and Autostacker™. We will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest information but reserve the right to alter plans without notice. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive ongoing updates about community events and trade shows.

Past Events

Parking Industry Expo (PIE)

Mar 11-14, 2019 - Chicago, IL

Anyone in the parking industry needs to attend this event. It's one of relatively few large-scale shows that attracts parking experts nationwide. It certainly helps that the Parking Industry Expo (PIE) is located in the center of the country, "sweet home" Chicago. This is an exciting time for the industry, as new technologies, smartphone integration and space-saving parking tools are becoming the difference between booming and busting. Join Autostacker as we show industry insiders how our lift can revolutionize their business.

IMSAD / CSE / Middle East Car of the Year Award

Mar 25-31, 2019 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is firmly established as one of the automotive capitals of the world, which makes IMSAD one of the most exciting shows on the planet. Not only that, this show is a B2B and B2C networking extravaganza. If you're in the automotive aftermarket, this globally ranked show is one of the best places to connect with executives and representatives from automotive aftermarket industries from across the globe. BendPak is proud to return to this amazing show and connect with hundreds of thousands of like-minded individuals.

California Festival of Speed

Mar 29-31, 2019 - Fontana, CA

Porsche enthusiasts unite! The California Festival of Speed is one of California's most exciting shows, a veritable "dream weekend" for exploring all things Porsche. It's not just any old show. Attendees will enjoy the Club Race, Time Trial, swap meet, Porsche Corral, Porsche Timeline Display, Vendor Row and so much more. QuickJack is one of those vendors that will be in attendance, and we can't wait to show people how compatible our portable car lift is with Porsche vehicles. This is officially a rain or shine event, so save the dates!


April 4-6, 2019 - Melbourne, Australia

This show is unique in that it only occurs every other year. Therefore, it's a good idea not to miss out if you have the opportunity to attend. Known as the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, this event draws more than 400 exhibitors across 26,000 square feet, which means you're unlikely to see everything in a single trip. This is Australia's largest auto exhibition, and this market is truly one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative in the world... you just need to talk to the right people, and the right people are at AAAA! Space is always limited, and spots sell out quickly, so act quickly.

American Car Sunday

April 14, 2019 - Netherlands

Europe loves this one-day event, and in fact, it's a household name in the Dutch auto industry. American automotive beauties are all on display: muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods, classics and even motorcycles. Join over 15,000 car loves of all ages. If you're in Europe, don't skip this one just because you think you've seen it all. Unlike many American shows, it's only around for that one day, so plan accordingly!

International Parking Institute Conference & Expo (IPMI)

Jun 9-12, 2019 - Anaheim, CA

"Smart cities" is becoming a buzz phrase in many circles, and the parking industry is rapidly changing (making big bucks in the process). If you're not integrating the latest technologies and data analytics into your parking business, you're probably losing money. Let IMPI show you how to use tech to further your business goals. The pros who attend this event are serious about making money, improving society and maximizing all available resources to make everything come together. Autostacker is going to be in attendance, and hopefully we show more people than ever that our unique parking lift can save space and increase profits better than any other lift.


Nov 5-8, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

This is it, the ultimate car show, period. Many dream of finding a way into this massive, industry-insiders-only event. You either need to work in the automotive field or get a friend in the business to bring you in as a guest. Space is limited because this is the one show that most car enthusiasts will try to attend at lease once in their lives. Anyone lucky enough to make it in will discover an endless number of things to do. BendPak is going to be there in full force, with our QuickJack, BendPak, Ranger, GrandPrix and Autostacker brands on display. You're going to love catching up with us, and we can't wait to see you there. It's SEMA! What else is there to say?