Professional Tyre Inflation Cage

At Ranger Products, all of our tyre inflation cages are constructed with your safety in mind, as well as the safety of your employees. Our cages meet strict OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.177 requirements for tyre service workplace safety and can accommodate virtually every type of tyre and wheel combination, ranging from small passenger vehicle tyres to long-haul truck, bus, off-road and military tyres.

Tyre cages protect technicians from dangerous tyre explosions. These cages aren’t just regular steel cages. They are carefully inspected and certified to rigidly upheld safety standards. Ranger uses the best materials and adheres to the highest standards for our cages, so you can purchase them, rest assured that you and your technicians are safe in a worst-case tyre explosion during inflation.

tyre Inflation Safety

RIC-4716 4-Bar Tyre Inflation Cage

RIC-4716 (5150315)

4-Bar Tyre Inflation Cage

The RIC-4716 inflation cage is a crucial, life-saving piece of equipment that must be used during the inflation of a tyre. Tyre explosions are deadly, and only a ruggedly constructed tyre cage can prevent catastrophic damage in a worst-case scenario.