From former professional wrestler Bill Goldberg's tough, no-nonsense approach to car restoration, to Ryan Friedlinghaus’ self-made mentality, to the massively successful Richard Rawlings, to the ridiculous and ever-watchable antics of Farmtruck and AZN, BendPak is the brand found consistently in every shop.

BendPak Celebrity Endorsements

The endorsements we receive are extremely important to us. It's vital that people who put their faith in us feel their investment is returned tenfold. It’s our promise to those who endorse us, as well as every BendPak buyer on the planet, that you will receive the best quality products and highest level of customer service in the industry.

Want proof? We’ve included our endorsers’ own words in the interviews and spotlights. Each situation is different, and every individual, team or garage that endorses BendPak has a story to tell. Find your favorite car personality and enjoy!

As you can see, no automotive equipment manufacturer is more widespread than BendPak.