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Rotor Silencer

SKU# 5326331

Friction Rotor Silencer / Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT

Ranger rotor silencer bands significantly reduce the noise output of your brake lathe and enhance the functionality of your brake lathe. Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT.

Rotor Silencer for Brake Lathes that Fits RL-8500 and RL-8500XLT
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Quiet Production, Essential Performance

A good rotor silencer reduces friction, extends the life of your brake lathe and reduces excessive noise. Much more than just noise-reducing conveniences, silencer bands are crucial to proper brake lathe functionality.


  • Long-lasting silencer bands
  • Reduce noise of brake operations
  • Enhance brake lathe function
  • Extend lifecycle of equipment and related components

Rotor Silencer Specifications

Rotor Silencer specs diagram