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Tyre Iron

SKU# 5400110

Tyre Iron / Tyre Changer Bead Lifting Tool

The R76ATR is an advanced tilt-tower tyre changer that performs masterfully on a wide variety of wheels, including OEM and performance tyre and wheel configurations that allow operators to match turntable rotational speed and torque with varied tyre and wheel combinations.

Tyre Iron Bead Lifting Tool for Ranger Tyre Changers
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Tyre Iron for Simple, Determined Bead Breaking

Tyre technicians should have every tool at their disposal in order to get the most out of their tyre changers. A good tyre iron is an essential addition to your wheel service accessories, and Ranger provides storage space in the tyre changer itself to hold your tyre irons. Sometimes stubborn beads need a little elbow grease during mounting and demounting, so it never hurts to have this rugged tyre iron in your shop.


  • Standard tubeless tyre iron
  • Cold-forged steel
  • Sold individually
  • May be used on changers
  • Bead breaker

Tyre Iron Specifications

Tyre Iron specs diagram