The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is a trade association made up of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street-rod builders, restylers, car clubs, race teams and more. They're one of the largest and most recognized names in the auto industry because they've been around over 50 years and have a hand in virtually everything from simple repairs to unique car customizations.

SEMA Garage Headquarters BendPak Hoists

BendPak is extremely proud to be the supplier of their car lifts. Every year, we attend the SEMA Show, the world's largest automotive industry trade show of its kind. Our QuickJack and Autostacker brands have also been on display there. If you've never been to the show before, it's essentially the "Mecca" of insider auto shows. You need a guest pass from a tradesperson if you're not already in the business. (That's why you never burn your bridges, kids.)

In addition to their annual trade show, the SEMA Garage is really all about the pleasure of driving. They believe car ownership should be fun, so if you're a vintage collector or love cool accessories that make your vehicle a true original, there's a SEMA member to help you out. Their website has this to say:

You might be planning to develop any sort of aftermarket performance product. We would like to provide you with the tools to suit all your needs.

If everything the SEMA Garage has offered up to this point wasn't enough, in March 2018, they renovated their shop space to make room for diesel emissions testing. Specially, they added the ability to test particulate matter coming from diesel engines. This is crucial for performance-focused shops because modified engines and exhaust systems still need to remain in compliance with state and federal laws. Now more than ever, their diesel clients can rest assured that modifications offered by SEMA Garage are safe, legal and as always, incredibly fun to drive.

SEMA Garage BendPak Two-Post Car Hoists

Indeed, the SEMA Garage offers an incredible variety of services—too many to touch on in this short space: vehicle technology, 3D printing, emissions testing and so much more. You name it and they will help you achieve your automotive dreams.